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"Does the paint wash out of clothes?"

- it does because the paint is water-based, but please take note that since some colours have higher pigments, this might leave your clothes tinted.


"im vegan and my friend is this face paint suitable for us?"


-Snazaroo has some ingredients that are animal-derived


"I am pregnant, can i still have my face painted?"


-the answer is YES!


"Are your face paints tested on animals?"



"Are your paints Gluten free and Nut free?"

-Yes they are


"Is the paint you use hypoallergenic?"

-I use the best quality face paint which is Snazarroo. it is delicate on almost all skin types and have been tested by an independent professor of Dermatology and professional toxicologists.


"Are yor paints non toxic and washable?"


-"Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations and are non-toxic. "

Snazaroo is water-based so they are easy to take off. all you need is warm water and soap and it should slide off!


"Will my balloon animal last forever?"

-I would sure like to think so, but unfortunately they do not.

"how young does my child have to be in order to have a balloon made?"

- balloons are dangerous amongst most toddlers, in this case i would say that any child under the age of 7 should always be accompanied by an adult.

"what if my child consumes the balloon?"

- Balloons of any sort are choking hazards to kids, i recommend adult supervision at all times and if the child does consume the balloon,  get medical help as soon as possible


"how old can you be to receive a balloon animal?"

-ANY AGE! its a blast for everyone! 






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